Fruits And Vegetables Foldable Plastic Box

Fruits And Vegetables Foldable Plastic Box

All in all this big box is great for many different bulk storage applications in different environments including factories, warehouses, recycling, agriculture and food production.
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 Fruits And Vegetables Foldable Plastic Box

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Advantages of folding pallet boxes

1. Compared with the traditional pallet box, the new product adopts the folding design, which can save 75% of storage and transportation space and costs.

 2. The high-quality raw materials ensure the high quality of the product, we use green high-quality recyclable PE new materials to ensure that the product has a smooth and clean appearance and perfect performance.


 3. High product performance, anti-sun, anti-freeze and shock resistance. The raw materials are mixed with sunscreen and tough plastic particles.

 4. The logo and color will be customized. We are a high-quality factory in China, providing one-stop solution services for products, such as custom product logos and colors.


 We are looking for global customers. As a professional collapsible container supplier, we pursue integrity, take responsibility, ensure the quality of our products, and actively treat customers. With the development of today's society, the demand for transportation methods has gradually increased. In order to adapt to this trend, the research and development department of folding containers follows people's continuous innovation and changing needs. We usually answer your questions about folding containers online and look forward to working with you!   



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