1200*1000mm Euro Pallet Containers

1200*1000mm Euro Pallet Containers

This pallet containers with runners can be used in various industries such as food, agriculture and automotive. The pallet box can be stacked for ease of storage and transportation.
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1200*1000mm euro pallet containers

Pallet box are extra-large, does suiting the requirements to the industry. Also, being heavy duty bulk containers with pallet footings only makes it much widely excepted storage solution. These pallet boxes can be easily lifted with a forklift and come with either feet, castors or skids.

Plastic pallet boxes is in various shapes and sizes, for example 80 × 120 or 100 × 120, with or without a lid, with or without lid, with sleds or with legs and so on! We also sell various other types of plastic bins, eco bins, UTS bins, gitter boxes etc.

Pallet boxes are often used because they are liquid tight, and take up relatively little space but can still do a lot for storage!


ENL-1200x1000x760mm Plastic Pallet Box

External Dimension(L*W*H)


Internal Dimension(L*W*H)


Fork-lift Entry

4 way entry 

Static Load 

4 ton

Dynamic Load

1 ton

Material HDPE
StyleBoth vented and solid type are available



Our Plastic pallet container are made of food grade materials and can be utilized to store loose foods. The box can be customized with fixed or adjustable partitions to divide the boxas needed creating smaller compartments appropriate for storing spices, legumes, nuts and more! These containers are the perfect solution for spice shops, grocery stores and open market.                                    

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